Racial Justice Awards 2022

Charter for Racial Justice Guidelines

Form to become and/or annual report for Charter for Racial Justice Club

Information about Charter for Racial Justice from National United Methodist Women

Racial Justice Charter

Sample Certificate for Charter for Racial Justice

Who Should Receive the UMW PNW Conference Racial Justice Award for 2022?

Each year the UMW PNW Conference honors someone with the Racial Justice Award.
Who will you nominate from your district?  Attached are the instructions.


The Committee on the Charter for Racial Justice of the UMW PNW Conference is seeking nominees for the annual Racial Justice Award to be presented at the UMW PNW Conference Annual Meeting in October.

Criteria are as follows:

  1. Exemplifies the implementation (We Will section) of the Charter for Racial Justice www.unitedmethodistwomen.org/racialjusticecharter 
  2. May be an individual United Methodist Women member, a local unit, a district, or may be an individual or group from outside United Methodist Women.
  3. The activity may be a one-time event or on-going, but must have taken place within the last year.

Format for nomination:

  1. Name, address, phone number, and/or e-mail of Nominee(s).
  2. Name of Activity or Event.
  3. One or two paragraphs summarizing the individual or group activity and how it relates to the Charter for Racial Justice. 
  4. Your name, address, phone number, and/or e-mail address.
  5. Deadline to be returned to Ja net’ Crouse or Sharon McDaniel by June 1, 2022
  6. Nomination may either be mailed or e-mailed.

Selection of award recipient

  1. Selection will be made by Racial Justice Committee at their July summer meeting.
  2. This is a great opportunity to recognize persons who fulfill our Purpose and our Mission Today Charter for Racial Justice component in a significant way. 
  3. Questions may be directed to Ja net’ Crouse or. Elizabeth Williams.

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