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Mission Today Unit

What is Mission Today?

The purpose of the Mission Today criteria serve to energize United Methodist Women to be more involved in mission through prayer, study and action:
Increase contacts between units and mission personnel and mission projects so that United Methodist Women understand what their money is supporting around the world; encourage use of mission resources through United Methodist Women; and expand concepts of mission to include social justice as mission.

Are you tracking your goals to make sure you are on track to become a Mission Today Unit?

View the criteria in the Mission Today Brochure and set goals with your unit today! (units that have under 15 members must meet half of these quotas)

Gold Unit: complete at lease 16 of the criteria,
10 of which must be marked with a star

Silver Unit: complete at lease 8 of the criteria,
4 of which must be marked with a star

What will your map to becoming a Mission Today Unit include?