Nica Sy

Nica is one of our leaders for Mission u 2019 Issue Study: Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools by Dr. Monique Morris

Nica is an undergraduate student at the University of Washington (UW) studying law, societies, and justice; entrepreneurship; and gender, women, and sexuality studies. She serves
as the Student Fellow for Advocacy and Activism at Wesley Club at UW and as the Youth Coordinator at Beacon United Methodist Church in Seattle. Nica is a lifelong United Methodist
and third-generation United Methodist Woman, having started involvement in the mission of the PNW UMW from an early age. She is also an emerging leader of the Greater Northwest
Area working to envision a more liberated Church.

A variety of educational opportunities and programs have led to Nica’s leadership in this year’s study on Pushout. She was a part of the 2018 cohort of the General Board of Church and Society’s Ethnic Young Adult internship, through which she experienced working at a national policy advocacy agency and developed an understanding of social justice issues and faith-based organizing work. In 2019, she participated in United Methodist Women’s Holy Disruption cohort. Holy Disruption brought together a group of young women from all over the United States to do a five-month-long educational intensive on Pushout and how the school-to-prison pipeline impacts Black and brown girls. She brings this training into her work of leading Mission u attendees through Pushout and inspiring them to disrupt the many manifestations of the school-to-prison pipeline in their communities.

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  • Nica, would you be available to speak to our local UMW (Fairwood UMC) about the work you are doing in our local area (Kent/Renton Schools) and also about yourself and your study of the book “PUSHOUT”. The dates we are looking at our January 13th, 2022 or February 10, 2020. I have heard you speak several times and I believe our group would be very interested in learning more about the work you are doing.

    Nica, Would you be available to speak to our local UMW on the work you are doing in our area in the Kent/Renton schools, as well as speaking on the Book “Pushout” and other work you are doing in promoting Social/Racial Justice and your background. We are looking at two dates January 13th, 2020 or February 10th, 2020.

    Irene Monson
    Social Justice Chair

  • Nica, we are seeking a speaker for our monthly UMW gathering here at Fairwood UMC on either Thursday, January 13th at 10:00 or February 10th at 10:00. We are interested in the work you are doing in our schools here in Kent and Renton, your review of the book “Pushout” and any other social justice you are doing. If this is possible just email me.

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