Lyn Rush

Lyn will be the Mission u 2020 leader for the Children’s Spiritual Growth Study: Finding Peace in the Midst of Anxiety (working title) by Erin Brown and contributors from Urban Village Church
Managing Our Emotions: A Children’s Study

I am Rudilyn Raguindin Rush, going by Lyn.  I grew up in a small fishing and farming village on an island in the Philippines.  I am the oldest of two brothers and two sisters and because I was the oldest, I was given many responsibilities at a young age.  I have such fond memories of childhood days roaming the beach for clams, collecting firewood, and climbing guava trees.  I was always involved in church, Sunday school and Vacation Bible School. 

I received my BA in English and Christian Education at Asbury College, Luzon, Philippines  in 1998.  I was taking my Masters in Administrative and Supervision in the Philippines when I was recruited  for a China mission opportunity through the UMC Global Ministries.  In August 2000, I went to China as an  Amity Foundation English Teacher to college students for two years, then freelanced additional year at a middle school.  It was during this time I met Erik Rush from Washington State. USA.   We have been married for 13 years. We live in Vancouver, WA and are blessed with a daughter and son.

I started Pinoy Van-Port Multicultural Ministries three years ago. It was meant to empower the laity of the church as I did volunteer work in my first year reaching intergenerational Filipino immigrants and friends for spiritual formation and nurture beyond  the church walls.  It is still the focus of the ministry to pursue and teach radical love with young adults who are ”nones and dones”.  It is my personal vision to share with some collaborators to live as peacemakers as it says in Matthew 5:9: Blessed are the peacemakers for they are called children of God.  In the continuing work on peacemaking without limits, we  envision vulnerability, the bridge, becoming connectors to put spiritual disciplines and faith in action despite age, race, gender, sexual orientation with or without faith.

In May 2019 after an interview with the DCOM (District Committee on Ministry) and  series of trainings I  was awarded the  Certified Lay Minister  certificate at our  Crest to Coast Missional District of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference. I  joined the United Methodist Women  and am holding the office of Membership, Nurture and Outreach Coordinator in my local unit. My greatest spiritual renewal was to be invited to attend the 2017 “Mission U”, by the Dean of the School, Joan Hackett.  This experience inspired me to pursue the call to ministry with the full support of these women of God.  I have attended each year since 2017 and part of that vision in the ministry is empowering women at an early age to being elders as pioneers of our faithfulness  in our gracious Creator God.  Let’s not waste time and let’s do this together.  

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