Joanne Coleman Campbell

Joanne will be leading our Mission u 2019 Adult Spiritual Growth Study: Finding Peace in the Midst of Anxiety (working title) by Erin Brown and contributors from Urban Village Church

Currently the District Superintendent and Missional Strategist of Seven Rivers Missional District, I have served PNW churches as an ordained clergy since 1996, and as an active laywoman since 1984. I am blessed to be married to John Coleman Campbell, also an ordained clergy, am the mother of five grown children and the grandmother of four. I grew up in various countries around the world, have moved multiple times throughout my life, and have had my share of challenges in life – all which have presented to me a multitude of experiences prone to anxiety! I came across the Serenity Prayer as a teenager, when I inherited from my grandmother a little porcelain angel holding the prayer. It has been my steadfast friend throughout the years, and I look forward to exploring it further at Mission u.

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