Litany of Welcome and Dedication

S.P.R. Chairperson:

Today we gather with great joy and anticipation as we welcome Pastor__________ and his/her family to our church, and to the broader community. Pastor__________ we look forward to having you join with us in the ministry that God continues to call our congregation to engage in. We rejoice in the gifts and experiences you bring to our setting. We’re excited about the ways we will strengthen each other and grow in our faith together.


I’m delighted to be here at (name of church) . I’m looking forward to learning about your church life and your history of ministry and service to others. I will seek your wisdom and insight regarding ministry in this setting. I dedicate myself to using my skills and gifts in partnering with you as we continue to discover the paths God desires for us to travel together.

The People:

Welcome, Pastor____________! We look forward to getting to know you. We dedicate ourselves to supporting your ministry among us. We commit to respect your leadership, and to learn from your wisdom and experiences in the ordained ministry. We offer our prayers, gifts, skills, and time as we partner with you in the ministry of this church.

S.P.R. Chairperson:

Therefore, I invite each of us to commit to the life and ministry of ______________(name of church).


Eternal God, we commit ourselves to join together for creative and effective ministry through this church. We commit to interaction that is driven by love and mutual respect. We commit to seek your will in all we do, that our efforts may reflect the desires of your heart for us, for others, and for the world. Bless now our union of pastor and congregation, that it may be fruitful in your sight. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen