“Prepare Ye the Way” For Your Successor

In preparing for a pastoral move, here are some things it will be important to have in order, or available for your successor:

Membership and Other Records:

  • Membership roll current and up-to-date
  • An up to date church directory
  • Changes to roll since last Charge Conference
  • Records of baptisms and marriages

Pastoral Care:

  • List of those with serious illness, list of recent deaths
  • Scheduled weddings requiring premarital counseling
  • List of members away at college and military, with needed information on each
  • Directions to homes of homebound
  • Any special instructions for receiving entrance as pastor to hospitals/care facilities

Personnel and Policies:

  • Information about those employed by the church
  • Current list of all those in service (updated Nominations report from last Charge Conference)
  • Those available for pulpit supply
  • All policies – child safety, building use, weddings, etc.
  • Ongoing relationships with outside user groups


  • Leave your set of keys well identified (church and parsonage)
  • Warranties and instructional manuals for appliances, etc. at parsonage.
  • Information on any pending legal matters
  • Schedule for annual traditional events
  • Leave your new address in church and parsonage for mail which needs to be forwarded to you.
  • Give your new address and information to the District Support Center (or District Administrative Assistant), as well as the Conference Office.

Created by Gail F Grossman. May be reproduced in small quantities for local church use only, without further permission.

Image Credit: Some rights reserved by walkinguphills