Self-Care and Self-Awareness Tools

A Daily Examen Tool

  • What three words best describe how I am feeling?
  • What resonated with me today?
  • What triggered resistance, tension, or anxiety in me today?
  • Is there a story or teaching from scripture that speaks to my circumstance today?

The Awareness Wheel

From the book, Connecting With Self and Others, by Sherrod Miller and Associates

  • What am I sensing? (Use your five senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting)
  • What am I thinking? (Focus on thoughts)
  • What am I feeling? (Focus on emotions, try not to shift into thoughts)
  • What am I wanting? (Focus on needs, wants)
  • What am I doing? (Is there an action I am taking or can take in this moment)

Transition Exercises

  • Imagine you are writing your autobiography. Create only the Table of Contents, coming up with chapter titles to your life story. In choosing titles, go for words and phrases that capture the spirit of that time of your life (Ex: Gasping for Air vs. New York, 1997-1998). Whatever form you chose, it should do justice to the important life transitions you have been through, the worlds you have lived in, the identities you have embraced, and the realities you have experienced. (Bridges)
  • If the present chapter of your life is a course you are taking, what would an appropriate title for it be? What are you meant to be learning in it?
  • What is it that you need to unlearn for this course? What is it time for you to let go of? What- or even what chapter of your life- is over now?