Situational Leadership

Our Task:

Lead in a way that develops the person or group’s capacity to work with competence and confidence

While we each have a preferred style of leadership, the people and groups with whom we work have varying degrees of confidence and skill.  That requires we adapt our preferred style to meet the needs of those we serve and recruit others to support the leadership aspects we cannot.

The Hershey-Blanchard leadership scale categorizes leadership into 4 styles, each appropriate in certain situations.  Each category represents the amount of time and energy the leader spends with the person or group on direction (instructing in procedures and/or skills) and support (motivating & encouraging)

Leader’s Behavior Person/Group’s Situation
Directing: high direction, low support low skill, high confidence
Coaching: med. direction, high support growing skill, low confidence
Supporting: low direction, high support skilled, low confidence
Delegating: low direction, low support skilled, confident