Finishing Strong

Considerations in an Ending Period of a Clergy Transition

The underlying aim of your final weeks is no different than your aim at any other time: to provide the leadership the congregation needs in order to live out its God-given mission.

  • Help people develop an ever-deepening, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Connect in life-giving & life saving ways with its mission field

Prepare to Transfer Leadership Through Your Attitude & Actions

  • What’s the perspective I choose to hold about leaving this pastorate?
  • What perspective will be most helpful to hold about the pastor who’s following me?
  • How committed am I to the success of the pastor who follows me? What will that mean for my behavior both now…and after I leave?
Actions: (see “Prepare Ye the Way for Your Successor” )
  • What have I already taken care of?
  • What still needs to be done?

Redefine Your Relationship with the Congregation

  • “If you’re not my pastor, what will you be?”
  • Are there any relationships I need to mend before I leave? Any forgiveness to humbly seek?

Anchor the Disciple-making Mission and Purpose of the Church

  • What are the final messages and emphases that I want the congregation to hear and experience as I’m leaving?
    • How will I communicate that verbally? What will I say?
    • How can I communicate that non-verbally?
    • What atmosphere do I want to help create?


Image Credit: Some rights reserved by ewwhite