Who Covers the Expense of Moving? What about Housing?

The demands of an itinerant system upon pastoral leaders and their families can be significant. One way the church works to mitigate these demands is by providing assistance with moving expenses, and with housing via a parsonage or housing allowance. The following information is provided to help pastors and churches understand their obligations and the connectional resources available.

Expenses are reimbursed from the annual conference to the local church so as to not create undue tax implications for the transitioning family.

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Oregon-Idaho Moving Policy (2013 OR-ID Journal)

1. Moving Expenses:

Expenses for moving clergy and their families and lay professional staff of the Annual Conference shall be administered under the following policies. These policies apply to the amount of reimbursement that will be paid by the Conference and the maximum amount required of the local congregation.

a. The moving fund shall assist in paying the moving expenses for household goods, office furniture, and equipment of itinerant clergy appointed to a pastoral charge, a conference staff position, or as district superintendent. Clergy included in this provision shall include full members, probationary members, associate members, local pastors, seminary students appointed to a local charge, a retiring clergy person to his/her retirement residence, and those under disability leave. If a clergy person receives payment for a retirement move and later is appointed to serve a local charge, additional retirement moves will not be paid.

b. This policy shall also cover the following personnel:

1.) Lay persons hired as professional staff of the Conference.

2.) The moving expenses for the first move for divorced spouses from the parsonage shall be paid by the Conference within the provisions of this policy. The District Superintendent shall notify the Conference Treasurer when this provision becomes applicable.

3.) Surviving spouses and/or dependents of clergy who die while under appointment to local charge, conference staff position, or a district superintendent may have their moving expenses paid by the Conference within the provisions of this policy. The District Superintendent in consultation with the Conference Treasurer shall determine the total amount paid.

c. Clergy leaving an appointment in Oregon-Idaho for leave of absence, honorable location, or transfer to another conference or denomination will not be eligible for moving expense payments.

d. Clergy members of the Conference returning from special appointment, sabbatical leave, leave of absence, or school appointment beyond the M. Div. degree and retired clergy members of other conferences or denominations moving into or out of the Conference for any reason are not eligible to receive reimbursement from the Fund.

e. Clergy moving to Oregon Idaho from outside the boundary of the Conference are eligible to participate in the reimbursement fund as indicated in section 2.

2. Expense Payment Parameters:

The following parameters shall apply to the payment of moving expenses:

a. The total allowance for packing materials shall be $400. Clergy couples shall be allowed $500. No conference reimbursement is authorized for actual packing or unpacking.

b. One extra stop charge at the points of origin and destination will be allowed for each move. Clergy couples shall be given an additional stop allowance of up to $500 provided the move is to a multiple point charge.

c. The cost of appliance hook-ups shall be the responsibility of the person being moved.

d. The Conference shall not pay for “extra carry” charges, storage or delays, unless approved before the move.

e. Charges for vehicles, motorcycles, canoes, firewood, lumber, potters clay, kilns, and other oversize or overweight items shall be the responsibility of the person being moved.

f. The cost of motel, meals, and mileage during the actual days of the move are not reimbursed by the Conference.

3. Reimbursements:

a. The receiving church or charge is responsible for payment of the entire moving bill. The Conference Treasurer shall reimburse the church or charge 50% of the moving charges within the parameters described herein and upon receipt of the following: 1) an invoice; 2) a bill of lading signed by the person being moved or an authorized family member.

b. The maximum amount the Fund will reimburse to any one church or charge for any one move will be equal to 10% of the current year’s Conference Minimum Cash Salary as established in the report of the Equitable Compensation Commission.

c. The maximum amount the local church will be required to pay will be equal to 13% of the current year’s Conference Minimum Cash Salary as established in the report of the Equitable Compensation Commission.

d. Any amount over the sum of 3b & 3c will be the responsibility of the individual.

e. The Fund shall reimburse each retiring clergy member, lay member of the professional staff, disabled member, or surviving spouse up to 12.5% of the Conference Minimum Cash Salary to help with his or her moving expenses provided the move is made within 24 months following retirement or change of status.

f. The maximum amount the Fund will reimburse to a divorced spouse shall be 10% of the Conference Minimum Cash Salary.

g. At the end of the previous fiscal year, any unexpended funds will be retained in the Moving Fund Reserve.

4. Self-Moves:

Self-moves may be made by the individual. In addition to items in section 2, reimbursement shall include the charges for truck & trailer, fuel for the trucks used in the move and insurance. The contents of all property in a self-move shall be insured for the full replacement value up to a maximum of $50,000 with a $500 deductible. If the goods being moved have a value higher than the maximum, the clergy may buy additional insurance at his/
her own expense. In order for the local church to receive reimbursement under this policy, proof of insurance on household goods must be provided along with the rental agreement, fuel slips, and receipts for packing materials.

5. Exceptions:

Exceptions to any of the above may be approved or denied by the Conference Treasurer after consultation with the District Superintendent, if appropriate. Appeals of any decision by the Conference Treasurer may be directed to the Conference Council on Finance and Administration (CFA). CFA shall have the final authority to interpret the moving policy and make decisions regarding its implementation.

6. Procedures:

The Conference Treasurer shall establish and administer all procedures for implementing the moving policy contained herein. Any organization operating within the Conference and under the name of the United Methodist Church in Oregon and/or Idaho shall submit a complete financial statement to the Conference Treasurer each year for publication in the Journal.

Approval is given to the district church extension societies to or their equivalents to raise funds with the specific district (¶658.4).

1. Approval for the expenditure of the funds will be given by the district extension society members as designated in the individual districts.


Pacific Northwest Annual Conference
Rule XI, Sec. 2. Moving Expenses | 2013 PNWAC Journal

[pullquote cite=”2013 PNWAC Journal, I-30.12″ type=”right”]The Conference budgeted for 2014 to provide moving expense assistance to local churches for pastoral moves up to $1,600 for each intra-conference move; from $1,700 to $2,640, depending on mileage, for seminary students returning for an appointment to local churches or ministerial members (including ¶347.1) transferring in according to the schedule approved by the Conference, and up to $1,600 for retiring pastors per Conference Rule XI, Section 2.[/pullquote]

(a) The Conference shall provide a moving subsidy to each receiving church/ charge to cover or assist with the cost of each intra-conference move for any duly-appointed pastor-in-charge and associate pastor under full-time appointment. The amount of the subsidy will be set annually by the Conference on recommendation of the Council on Finance and Administration. This payment will be made by the Conference Treasurer upon request from the receiving church/charge. Each ministerial family shall receive only one subsidy.

(b) The Annual Conference shall pay the one-time moving expenses, up to an amount set by the Annual Conference on recommendation of the Council on Finance and Administration, of the following persons: a retired minister, a minister on Disability Leave, the surviving spouse of an active minister under appointment to a local church, the surviving spouse of a District Superintendent, and the surviving spouse of a minister appointed to the Conference staff.

(c) Seminary students, candidates for ministry or ministerial members (including ¶337.1) who are transferring in and being appointed as pastor shall be reimbursed for moving costs according to a schedule of allowable amounts recommended by the Council on Finance and Administration and approved by the Annual Conference.

District and Local Church Parsonages

(a) The provision of the district parsonages shall be the responsibility of the district in which each is located.

(b) Parsonages shall meet housing standards established by the Annual Conference and available on the Conference website and in District offices. Click to download PNWAC Ministerial Housing Policy.


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